1926752_10202491910952347_489632849_nEythor Gunnarsson Keyboards Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1961 Eythor started playing the piano at an early age, taking private lessons on and off until the age of 12. After a brief detour into trumpet lessons,he acquired a YAMAHA organ (like the one Chick Corea used to play) and the course was set for a carreer as a keyboardist. Early influences included rock groups Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Gentle Giant. School friend Fridrik Karlsson introduced him to the music of Chick Corea’s Return To Forever, Weather Report and other fusion greats, and the two youngsters soon teamed up with bassist Johann Asmundsson and drummer Gulli Briem to form Mezzoforte. After graduating from college in 1981, music became a full time occupation, Mezzoforte being the main interest, but session work with various pop artists providing the income. The success of his composition Garden Party in 1983 opened up a world of possibilities for Mezzoforte who have toured extensively in Europe and Asia ever since. In recent years the acoustic piano has become Eythors main instrument and collaborations with many of Iceland’s leading jazz-musicians have made him the most recorded sideman in Icelandic jazz-history. He has also played with many visiting jazz musicians in Iceland, including Frank Lacy, Jens Winter, Mads Vinding, Doug Raney, Tommy Smith and others. In 1991 Eythor toured with American singer Randy Crawford. Other musical activities include record production and arranging for many of Iceland’s top pop artists. Eythor has received several Icelandic Music Awards both as a Keyboardist and Jazz- Musician.

Gulli Gulli Briem drums homepage Banging on kitchen equipment at the age of 5. Playing real drums at 12. A professional musician since the age of sixteen. Studied classical percussion, jazz ensemble playing and theory for 3 years in Reykjavik and later in The Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Founder member of the group Mezzoforte. Festivals: The Montreux jazz festival, The St. Gallen festival, The North Sea Jazz festival, The Jakarta jazz festival, The 46664 Nelson Mandela awareness concert for Africa 2005 in Tromso and more… Artists, live and studio: Earth Affair, Mezzoforte, Philip Catharine, The Miami Sound Machine (in Evita the Movie), Gus Gus and Björk (in the early days), David O´Higgins, Madonna (in Evita The Movie) Mornington Lockett, Joe Hubbard, Tony Smith, Ike Leo, Michael Ball, Jonn Savannah, Hilaire Penda, Fiona Renshaw, The Dreem Team, British National Symphony Orchestra, Fridrik Karlsson. Gunnar Thordarson, Mannakorn, Magnus Kjartansson, Bubbi Morthens, GCD, Bjorgvin Halldorsson.

joi Jóhann Asmundsson bass Born and raised in Reykjavik Iceland, Johann started playing the bass in his early teens and at age 16 formed the group Mezzoforte with three of his friends. Since Mezzoforte turned up on the international music sceen in 1983 the band has toured extensively, appearing in concerts and festivals in 35 contries to date. Johann is truly the driving force behind the sound of Mezzoforte and the band’s 12 records provide an overview of his versatile playing, from his energetic slap style, to bouncy solid fingerstyle and lyrical fretless bass. Johann released his first solo recording, titled So Low, in 2001 As well as touring and recording with Mezzoforte, Johann has worked with many of Iceland´s leading musicians in various styles and he is a regular member of the backing band for the Reykjavik Gospel Choir. He is also a faculty member at the Jazz Department of The Icelandic Musicians Union´s college of music.

fridrik_webFridrik Karlsson has been a professional musician since the age of sixteen. He completed a degree in Classical and Jazz/Rock guitar and had his first international success with the group Mezzoforte in 1983 with the U.K. top 20 hit, Garden Party. Fridrik moved to England in 1996 from his native Iceland and has since been involved in various projects including guitar work on the movies Evita and Hercules, the Musicals Jesus Christ Superstar, Saturday Night Fever, Whistle Down the Wind and the Beautiful Game by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Ben Elton. (Fridrik has also done a many of Andrews recording work including:(Cats video Joseph video Superstar video. His TV work includes accompanying world famous singers and artists, such as Madonna, Jose Carreras, J.K. (Jamoriquay), Marty Pellow (Wet Wet Wet), Andy Williams, David Cassedy and Tom Jones. Fridrik has also appeared on various albums and singles including Boyzone, Cliff Richard Westlife, A1, S-Club7 Jose Carreras Michael Ball, Atomic Kitten, Five, Emma Bunton , Hear Say and Roan Keating .Fridrik is also very interested in personal development and relaxation practises and holds a Master Practitioner certification in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis and has also studied the Indian Ayurvedic science in depth as well as Yoga and ancient Hawaian Huna.He has created a complete range of Music for well being that he chooses to label as Feel Good Music.

jonas_f_meuzzo Jonas Wall saxophone homepage Jonas Wall lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his family. Jonas has worked as a reed player since early age. He’s been touring and recording with artists and groups like Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Crusaders, Mezzoforte, Brian Wilson, Bill Champlin, Magnum Coltrane Price, Frank McComb among others as well as producing projects with other musicians. The E.P. “getting there” (JRCDA003) is the debut release from Jonas Wall. The full length album is to be released in a near future.His music is an eclectic mix of Jazz, Funk, Urban-soul. “This is a dream come true, playing music together with a band like mezzoforte which I grew up listening too is truly an honor and a recognition for me”.

5 thoughts on “Members

  1. Dear Eythor and Jóhann, I do not know if you remember me, I met you in Munich. I told you I was friend with Hyordis, that you knew (she was the wife of your best friend who died and who played the organ). I gave you my card to give to her.I would love to get in touch again with her. Please give her my contacts. Thanks hope to see/hear you soon Vittoria Piattelli

  2. Hey, Guys, I´ve discovered your music on youtube by accident!! I ´m already a fan…I´m a bass player from southern Brazil… Cheers from Brazil!!! Vinnie Selbach!!

  3. Hi Guys! Just tell you that your music it’s really a BIG part of all my live.Professionalism, musical ideas, creativity, personal sounding are the thinks that make me your fan forever.”Keep funking that way” Professional Piano, Oboe, English horn player living in Spain. Boyan Roussenov

  4. Hi Guys,
    Wow, i have just been watching the full concert live in Reykavik 2007 after losing touch for a few years. I was brought up with this fantastic music by my Dad who introduced me to Weather Report, Shakatak, Spyra Gyra etc,, but your music always stood out as something different, always fresh.
    I even remember when i was about15 i sent a request to Steinar Records to see if there was any other albums around the time of Garden Party, Surprise Surprise and i managed to purchase (from iceland via Steinar) a live album of Mezzoforte from London’s Hippodrome (The album was never released in the U.K) and the title was in Icelandic.
    Can anyone help me remember what it was called.

    PS Any chance of a live tour ever returning to the U.K

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