Rising 1984

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– Previous Album –

Recorded in England in 1984. By this time saxophonist Kristinn Svavarsson had left the band so saxophone is much less prominent than before. Another change from the previous 2 albums is the absence of a horn section.

Track listing:
Check it in   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson, Asmundsson, Briem)
Take off   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Happy hour   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Waves   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Blizzard   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Solid   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Northern comfort   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Fiona   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Rising   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Check it out   (Eythor Gunnarsson)

Fridrik Karlsson – Guitars
Eythor Gunnarsson – Keyboards
Johann Asmundsson – Bass Guitars
Gulli Briem – Drums, Percussion

Recorded in:
Chipping Norton Studios, Movement Studio Taunton, Livingston Studio London, 1984
Produced by:
Geoff Calver

Additional Musicians:
Dale Barlow – Tenor saxophone on Fiona
Ron Aspery – Alto saxophone on Northern Comfort
Frank Ricotti – Percussion